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Our Brand

Chestnut Street Granola is a family owned and operated business located in

Oakland, California.


We produce high quality artisan granola inspired by flavors enjoyed around the world.

Why choose Chestnut Street Granola?

It's as easy as A-B-C...


Access to healthy foods is important to us.


We are located in the middle of a food desert.


Options for fresh, healthy, and delicious food are few and far between.


We are doing our part to add more local flavor for our West Oakland neighborhood.


Nothing but the BEST for my family (and now yours).


When we choose to eat healthier food we give ourselves the best chance to

live a longer and more productive life.


Chestnut Street Granola is all natural, vegan and includes organic ingredients.


Chestnut Street Granola is the best choice.


And for us, healthy granola doesn’t mean

compromising on the best flavor.


Community starts in our home in West Oakland and extends around the globe.


We all have a part to play as global citizens to ensure we leave

our community a little bit better than when we arrived.


Start by sharing a bowl of Chestnut Street Granola with your neighbor.

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